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Guide To Legal NCAA College Basketball Betting, March Madness Tips And Pool Strategy

It was March Madness 2010 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and it was my first time in a sportsbook. I knew I wanted to bet on the Villanova vs. Robert Morris first-round matchup. Pennsylvania-based powerhouse Villanova, was a two-seed and a huge favorite. I walked to the counter with confidence and told the ticket writer I wanted $100 on Villanova. We locked eyes for what seemed like forever until she broke the ice and said, “spread or money line?”

That was the moment I realized I knew a ton about sports but very little about sports betting. I blurted out, “spread.” She printed the ticket and I walked away back into the chaos of Vegas. I felt like a fool that day, and my hope is after reading this article you have a better understanding of the sports betting landscape and betting terminology specific to college basketball and March Madness – so when you get to the counter at a legal sportsbook in your state, or in Las Vegas, you’ll know what your options are and what you’re doing.

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