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Los Angeles Chargers 33, Pittsburgh Steelers 30 – Dec. 2, 2018

Key Coaching Decision #1: (LAC ball, trailing 23-13 / 2-point conversion / 1:49 Q3)
• After a Chargers touchdown, they decided to go for two and make it a one-score game. Philip Rivers completed a pass to Antonio Gates in the corner of the end zone for the successful attempt.

Key Coaching Decision #2: (LAC ball, trailing 23-21 / 2-point conversion / 13:11 Q4)
• Desmond King returned a punt for a touchdown to bring the Chargers to within two. They went for two and Philip Rivers hit Keenan Allen on a crossing route and he walked into the end zone to tie the game.

Key Coaching Decision #3: (PIT ball, trailing 30-23 / third-and-10, PIT 48 / 6:15 Q4)
• JuJu Smith-Schuster caught a pass for nine yards just short of the first down. Mike Tomlin decided to challenge the spot of the ball with little evidence that it would be overturned. The play on the field was confirmed and the Steelers lost an important timeout. Pittsburgh decided to go for it on fourth down and they were able to keep the drive alive as James Conner muscled his way for a first down.

Key Observations:
• This is a game that will come back and haunt the Steelers as they were in complete control in the first half and then fell apart. The Ravens are gaining ground in the division as Pittsburgh is only one half game up with four games to play. Pittsburgh has now lost two games in a row and has little hope of gaining a first-round bye in the playoffs.

• Philip Rivers played great in the second half and was able to lead Los Angeles to the come-from-behind victory. His main target was Keenan Allen, who had 14 catches for 148 yards and a score. Justin Jackson also played huge in the second half as the rookie running back from Northwestern finished the game with 63 yards and a key touchdown in fourth quarter.

• If the season ended today, we would have a rematch in the Wild Card round with the Steelers again having the home-field advantage due to leading the AFC North. Los Angeles trails Kansas City by one game in the AFC West, but the Chargers and Chiefs still play one more time, which should be a classic in Week 15.

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